About us

A short history

• Bizart was founded fifteen years ago in Athens, a city of light, philosophy, science and art.

• Bizart was created by a small team of graphic artists, interior designers and marketing experts who together had a vision:
  To help make the places where ordinary people live and work more beautiful.

• And what could be more beautiful than to decorate your home or office with art, and especially fine paintings?

• Today, 15 years on, no one in the world reproduces paintings better than Bizart.

• The reason can be summed up in a simple phrase:
   “We’re small, so we try harder!”


Bizart’s achievements


• High-quality production: Bizart has achieved the ideal combination of the most modern digital technology with human        intervention and personal care.

• Timeless images: Bizart has a collection of thousands of works from hundreds of artists, which have been chosen for their  decorative quality and not their collectable value.
Remember, Bizart offers pictures that look good on your wall, not pictures for collectors!

• Innovative design Bizart began fifteen years ago with two firsts.
The appearance of the work, incorporating brush strokes.
The back frame, which fits behind the work, giving it added strength and making it seem more like a real painted canvas.


Bizart pictures could be described as handmade


• Firstly, because the brushstrokes are added by hand.

• Secondly, because once the canvas has been stretched over a frame, it is finished and retouched by hand.

• Thirdly, because the picture is hand-packed before it is sent to you, with special materials that cannot be processed by machine. In that way, there’s no likelihood of damage during shipping.


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